Three to Tango Set- Candle, Scarf, Pouch

Rs. 797

All of Flawsome's cute merch in one set:

1 Shamelessly Vanilla Candle- The perfect companion at times when you want to unwind, listen to your favourite music or just spend hours shamelessly dreaming about nothing. Pack Size: 142 gm

1 Fearless Cupcake Scarf: Inspired by our Cake Therapy hair mask and features a sweet cupcake print that is sure to brighten up your mood and outfit in a jiffy! Size: 27 inches * 27 inches, Material: soft polysatin

1 Peachy Banana Pouch: Looks cute and sassy and will hold all your wild and mild stuff. Size: 14 inches * 10 inches approx, Material: sturdy cotton satin

PC@thelensartt, @flatlayandfood

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