Curious Nut Scarf


If you are nuts about coconuts, you need this super lush scarf in your fashion arsenal. Features a simple and sweet coconut print that is sure to brighten up your mood and outfit in a jiffy!

Material:  Polysatin, soft to touch, CG friendly

Color: Light pista green with coconut print, has subtle sheen

Dimensions: 27 inches * 27 inches

Shape: Square

Vibe: Freestyle elegant

Intended use:  On your hair, wrist, neck, pocket, handbag or wherever you fancy.

Care Instructions: Wash gently. Flaunt fearlessly.

Lovingly made in India by Shakuntala Devi Foundation, an NGO that provides vocational training and sustainability skills to women.

Please check dimensions and fabric details carefully before ordering. Fabric merch is non returnable.

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