Flawsome is an attempt to remove exaggerated claims around FLAWS. It is a combination of the words “flaws” and “awesome,” nodding to the philosophy that everyone should be made to feel awesome, regardless of their flaws. We believe that all bodies are pieces of art – each one is unique and equally deserving of tons of (unfiltered) love.

Flawsome is part naughty, part unruly and a whole lot of fun. Each & every product is unique, easy to use and will never ever transform you, because that’s not what personal care products do or should do. They should only support the health of your skin and hair.

It’s impossible to love your body every day, but it’s possible to appreciate what it does, it’s possible to care for it, maybe sometimes indulge it and most definitely, not base your self-worth on its appearance.



Founder & Product Manager
The one who stays sane amidst the chaos. A workaholic, a rare lover of both tea and coffee and a cynic. At Flawsome, she creates many things big and small.
Saurabh Mahajan
Founder & Chief Business Officer
The one who has to parent everyone. Brimming with energy, curiosity and impatience. With his phone permanently in his hand, he solves any and every hurdle that comes in the way.  
Sanya Verma
Chief Creative Officer
The rebel with a cause. A creative gem, bad singer, fitness enthusiast, chai and social media addict. Top knot and earphones in place, she's building the way you see Flawsome.