Fearless Cupcake Scarf


When life doesn't give you cake, you make your own. Inspired by our Cake Therapy hair mask, this lush scarf features a sweet cupcake print that is sure to brighten up your mood and outfit in a jiffy!

Material:  Polysatin, soft to touch, CG friendly

Color: Light pink with cupcake print, has subtle sheen

Dimensions: 27 inches * 27 inches

Shape: Square

Vibe: Freestyle cute

Intended use:  On your hair, wrist, neck, pocket, handbag or wherever you fancy.

Care Instructions: Wash gently. Flaunt fearlessly.

Lovingly made in India by Shakuntala Devi Foundation, an NGO that provides vocational training and sustainability skills to women.

PC @flatlayandfood

Please check dimensions and fabric details carefully before ordering. Fabric merch is non returnable.

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