Scrub That Scalp

The essential haircare step you've been missing. - 3 minute read

Sundays are a time to unwind, relax, free up your thoughts and scrub those legs & arms to buttery smoothness. For many, its that day of the week when their hair gets full attention- its oiled, deep conditioned, washed, all in the hopes that it won’t fall off the next day. Hair is like a child- wilful, unpredictable, needing bucket loads of attention and love, a direct reflection of the parent. And we do our best to nurture and protect it with the best of hair products and extensive care routines. Yet there is one crucial step that is still missing from the weekly haircare rituals of many- scalp exfoliation. Now, before you start wondering if this is a ploy to fool you into buying a useless product, let us introduce you to this life changing, rather hair changing solution.

We all know that strong, stunning hair begin at the roots. But do we really give two hoots about our scalp? Rushing to that bottle of hair oil at the first sign of discomfort is not always the best solution. That god-awful feeling of itchiness and crustiness may not be due to dryness. Day in and day out, hair is subjected to dust, pollution, stress, partying(which is ok) and tons of hair product(not just hair gels and sprays but also serums, mousse etc which transfers to the scalp when you comb or tie your hair up). All this builds up on your head and disturbs the health of your roots. Apart from the usual abuse heaped on the scalp, there’s another skin condition that often troubles it- Dandruff. Surprisingly, it is suspected that almost half of us have it. It is not a sign of bad hygiene yet so many are embarrassed of it. The causes are often out of anyone’s control; genetic & environmental factors like sebum buildup, individual sensitivities, micro-organisms that live in harmony on everyone’s scalp but go bonkers on some. Many people also have naturally oilier scalps which makes hair feel unusually greasy and flat.

So how does scalp exfoliation help? Regularly deep cleansing your scalp with the help of a scrub helps loosen the dead skin and flakes. It removes all kinds of buildup to keep the living cells happy, which is crucial to maintain the health & strength of hair. It reduces excess sebum, balances moisture levels, boosts hair volume and gives you that floating in the clouds kinda feel.

Fun fact- Wonder why you don’t cry with pain every time a scissor snips your hair? Thats because your strands are made up of dead cells. Your roots are the only living part of your hair. So it is doubly important to care for the living along with the dead( in this case).

Now we know why scrubbing your crown is important. Next step is to select the right scrub and use it the right way. To ensure no damage to your follicles- opt for creamy scrubs with fewer, smaller beads and always scrub in gentle, circular strokes. Look for soothing ingredients like clay & menthol. A good cleansing scrub is like a fairy godmother who blesses both dry and oily scalps. Folks with dry scalps may use one with added surfactants(gentle ones please) as this eliminates the need to shampoo post scrubbing. On the other hand, normal and oily scalps can benefit from scrubbing as an additional step post or pre shampoo. And lastly, some things are best enjoyed in limits, so don’t scrub more than once or twice a week.

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