Hair Mask 101

A short guide on hair masks. - 3 minute read

What is a hair mask?
Hair masks are deep conditioning treatments for your hair. They contain plant actives and soothing ingredients to moisturise and nourish hair. Though most hair masks are conditioning treatments, some offer different solutions like deep cleansing, scalp exfoliation and anti-dandruff.

What is the difference between a hair mask and conditioner?
Hair masks are thicker in texture and contain richer ingredients like plant butters and oils. Hair masks also need to be kept on for longer than conditioners and are more intensive treatments. Hair masks often contain special ingredients like niacinamide, protein(keratin, wheat/soy/oat/pea proteins, silk etc) and peptides/amino acids. While this comparison may not be true for every product out there, but think of conditioners as milkshakes and hair masks as milkshakes with ice cream, brownies and caramel sauce.

Can we apply hair mask after oiling?
Preferably no. Hair oils cover the hair shaft quite well and may prevent the hair mask ingredients to work on your strands. One way to include both products in your haircare regimen is to apply hair oil before shampoo and use hair mask post shampoo.

How should I apply a hair mask?

Check out our guide on how to use hair masks for more details.

Flawsome Hair Masks
Our line of hair masks have been designed keeping in mind the needs of different types of hair.

Deep Conditioning Hair Masks:

Kinky Berries- hair mask for dry hair/curly hair/damaged hair/straight hair/high porosity hair

This one’s like a glass of water for a parched throat. Full of moisturisers, especially a variety of plant oils/butter and conditioning agents. It also contains a mix of extracts from berries rich in anti-oxidants that help to destress hair. Read more here.

Wild Bananas- hair mask for frizzy hair/wavy hair/straight hair/lifeless hair/high to medium porosity hair

A yummy treat for hungry tresses. With a good balance of protein and moisture, this is the perfect hair mask for frizzy hair. Shea butter and plant oils of jojoba and argan oil whipped into a buttery consistency, this is the most non fussy banana mask for hair. Read more here.

Cake Therapy- hair mask for damaged hair/medium to low porosity hair/colored hair/heat damaged hair/scalp care/oily hair

If the name doesn’t sound interesting enough, let us tell you a bit about this high functioning mask. This contains a blend of powerful plant and fruit extracts of sugarcane, apple, lemon, green tea and a yeast derived peptide. This not just works on conditioning your strands but also works on boosting follicle health. Weightless moisture plus a sweet smell and you’ve got the perfect treat for tired hair. Read more here.

Exfoliating Mask

Dense Intense- scalp/hair mask for oily hair/buildup prone hair/flaky scalp/greasy scalp and hair

Surprise, your scalp needs a good scrub once in a while!Keeping your scalp clean and your hair buildup free is the best way to maintain healthy hair. Just like your face, your scalp needs extra cleansing once in a while. Read our detailed guide on scalp scrubbing for more details.
This easy to use deep cleansing scalp scrub + mask will be an ideal mid-week pick me up for greasy hair. Read more here.

For more help on finding the right hair mask for you, try our 'find your mask fit' chart.