A delicious secret to smooth hair: Bananas

There’s no doubt that bananas are the most popular fruit on the planet. Known for their lush texture and fantastic nutritional profile, bananas are a great addition to your diet and are also known to do wonders for your hair. Yup, you heard that right. How is banana good for hair, you may mask. Bananas are rich in natural oils and nutrients like vitamin B and potassium. These add softness to hair, improve elasticity of strands and add shine.

People have been using DIY banana hair masks since ages. But these homemade packs can get quite messy and leave banana bits in your hair. Worry no more, Flawsome comes to the rescue with its Wild Bananas Hair Mask, the perfect treat for frizzy, flat hair. This smoothening & moisturizing hair mask benefits your hair in multiple ways:

  • REPAIRS DRY, FRIZZY HAIR—This hair mask smoothens frizz and moisturizes hair in just a few minutes. End result: your hair looks healthy, soft and bouncy.
  • FORTIFIED WITH ONLY THE BEST — Banana extract along with shea butter to deeply moisturize hair from roots to tips. Moisturized hair looks healthier plus resists splitting and breakage.
  • HEALTHY HAIR, HAPPY YOU — Keratin and nourishing moroccan argan, coconut, and jojoba oils improve hair strength and elasticity. Boosted with Provitamin B5 that seals in moisture for a smooth and manageable mane. The ultimate mix of hair nourishing ingredients make this treatment a great alternative to homemade hair masks.
  • DIVINE FRAGRANCE & TEXTURE— Surprise, surprise — this hair mask for dry, frizzy hair has a delicious banana fragrance and smooth, creamy texture which makes it a treat to use on wash days and gives a true spa-like experience.
  • FUSS FREE APPLICATION— No more messes, no more gathering tons of ingredients or sweating over the right mix. We've done the work for you. Just scoop out some lushy goodness from the jar, apply over damp strands, leave it on for a few minutes and wash off. Voila! hair that smells and feels smoooooth.

Try this delish hair treat and let us know if you agree that this is the best banana hair mask out there.

Flawsome makes a wide array of silicone, sulfate and paraben free hair masks, each unique in its function and harnessing the best of natural ingredients.